Why Attic Insulation is Your Powerful Energy Ally

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Why Attic Insulation is Your Powerful Energy Ally

Why Attic Insulation is Your Powerful Energy Ally


You might have the most energy-efficient HVAC system, appliances, windows and doors in your home. However, if your attic insulation is not up to par or is improperly installed, you are just throwing your money away.

A properly-insulated attic could save you up to 20 percent on your home’s heating and cooling bills. Here is why attic insulation can be your most powerful energy ally.

The Simple Science of Heat Transfer

Attic insulation has an important job in your home. It is supposed to keep the air in your living space from seeping up into your attic. And likewise, it is supposed to keep the air from your attic from seeping into your living space.

Cold air seeks out warm air and vice versa. So, during the wintertime, when you are heating your home, that warm air can seep into your attic if it is not properly insulated. Meanwhile, the colder air in your attic can be seeping into your living space.

During the summer, the process is reversed. What happens is your home is less energy efficient, and your monthly utility bills will reflect that. This is because your heating and cooling system will be working overtime, trying to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Improper Installation Can Negate Energy-Efficiency

It is important that the right type of insulation with the proper R-value is installed in your Wyoming home. However, even when the correct insulation is used, you will not receive the full benefits of energy efficiency if it is improperly installed. If the insulation is compressed, it will be unable to provide its full rated R-value.

Improperly installed attic insulation can also cause damage to your roof. Insulation material should never cover up soffit vents. If the vents are covered, it can disrupt airflow to the ridge vents keeping your roof cool and preventing ice dams.

You can avoid the risk of improper installation by hiring an attic insulation expert like Wyoming Roofing. We are “Top of the House” certified by Owens Corning, so we know how insulation, ventilation, and roofing system work together. Contact us today to schedule your free attic inspection!


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