Choose a Roof With A Mood: Are You Warm or Cold?

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Choose a Roof With A Mood: Are You Warm or Cold?

Living in Gillette, WY, you know how important your roof is. It’s the first line of defense against the harsh winters and the hot summers. A good roof protects your household from the elements and does a proper job insulating the house to reduce energy loss. It’s why many homeowners decide to go with natural wood shingles or stone coated metal roofing.

However, the function isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about when deciding on a roof. You should also consider the aesthetic value. The following are some of the visual benefits of choosing either natural wood shingles or stone coated metal roofing.

Natural Wood Shingles

Natural wood shingles are incredibly desirable when it comes to the look that they offer. First of all, they have a wood texture that adds depth to the overall aesthetic of your house. Secondly, the fact that they are made from wood means that they blend well with natural surroundings. If you have a lot of trees on your property, then natural wood shingles can help make your house feel like it’s part of the landscape.

Wood also has a very warm look to it, which can help make a house more inviting. Keeping all this in mind, wood shingles are a fantastic option for a variety of different styles, from mountain-style homes to cabin-style homes. They even work well with more modern-style homes by helping to soften what might be a colder style house.

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

If you’re thinking about the general aesthetic of your roof, you might be a bit scared away by the stone cold mood that a stone coated metal roofing style might evoke. However, you don’t have to settle for the standard look of metal in order to take advantage of metal roofing. Stone coated metal roofing actually offers incredible visual flexibility. This is because they can be produced to look like a variety of different styles, including clay, slate, and architectural shingles.

While stone coated metal roofing won’t offer the warmth or natural look of wood shingles, they do contribute a very elegant modern aesthetic and will provide your home with much more architectural interest. They just have the appearance of being part of a very careful home design.

For more information about our wood shingles or stone coated metal roofing options, be sure to contact us at Wyoming Roofing in Gillette, WY today.

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