3 Ways a Gutter Helmet Makes Life Easier

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3 Ways a Gutter Helmet Makes Life Easier

Your gutters play a very important part in keeping both your roof and your home in good condition by helping to prevent water damage.

However, cleaning and maintaining your gutter system can be a bit challenging, which is why you should consider installing a Gutter Helmet protection system.

The Benefits of a Gutter Helmet

A Gutter Helmet protection system is basically a guard that helps to cover your gutters, allowing enough space for rainwater to drain into the system but enough coverage to prevent debris from collecting in the gutters. The following are three of the major benefits of investing in a Gutter Helmet protection system:

  • Prevent clogged gutters – Because gutters are typically open to allow for the collection of rain, it’s not uncommon for them to get filled up with natural debris, such as branches, leaves, dirt and more. Animals have even been known to nest in gutters if they aren’t cleaned regularly.
  • By installing Gutter Helmet, you’ll keep your gutters free of debris. This, in turn, will prevent debris from clogging your gutters, which causes rainwater to build up. When rainwater builds up, it will leak into your roof or the weight of it will cause damage to the gutters themselves.
  • Make maintenance easier – Generally speaking, most homeowners have to have their gutters cleaned at least twice a year in order to prevent clogs. Getting up to the roof and manually removing debris can be quite difficult, not to mention that it’s very dangerous to do so on your own.  On top of this, traditional ladders that are rested against the gutters can damage the gutter. These reasons are why most homeowners will have a professional clean their gutters, but of course, this costs money. When you have Gutter Helmet installed, you won’t have to worry about endangering your safety or paying for a gutter cleaning service since your gutters will stay clean forever.
  • Protect against fire damage – Debris found in gutter systems is flammable and can be vulnerable to catching on fire as a result of floating embers from nearby fires. With Gutter Helmet, this is something you won’t have to concern yourself with.

These are just three of the benefits of installing a Gutter Helmet. In addition, the Gutter Helmet system provides a sleek and elegant look to the roof, thereby improving your curb appeal as a bonus benefit! For more information about the Gutter Helmet protection system or to schedule a roofing service in Gillette, WY, contact us at Wyoming Roofing today.

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