Insulation is the Key to Energy Savings

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Insulation is the Key to Energy Savings

Home owners are constantly looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Sometimes the most simple solution is right under your roof.

How Attic Insulation Helps Your Home

Attic insulation plays a much more important role in your home’s energy cycle than you may realize. As you condition the air in your home, any air leakage points or contact points in general can cause your hard earned money to slip through the cracks. This time of year in particular, the amount of money you spend to heat your home could be a waste if you are under-insulated.

As hot air rises and reaches your ceiling, the energy is transferred up into your dry wall, and if there is not an adequate barrier between your ceiling and your unconditioned attic space, you will lose the heat for your living space, being that the attic is an important part of your roofing system, and can be used as a tool to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. In most newer homes, within the mountain region (Wyoming), attics are filled with R39 insulation, which is grossly under equipped for our climate. In Wyoming, the EPA recommended level of insulation is at least an R60 (18-20in of blown-in insulation). Not only does this added insulation increase your home’s capability to retain heat, it also protects against Ice damming.

How Ice Damming Occurs

Ice damming occurs on your roof when your attic space heats the high point on your roof to over 32 degrees. As the snow melts from the top, it travels down your roof and refreezes. Eventually, the combination of water running down along with the outside temperature creating an ice barrier, the water dams up at a point on your roof where it’s cooler than 32 degrees. With the water settling along your shingles, it finds an access point and leaks into any crack or hole that it can. Once the water has penetrated your roofing system, it can saturate your insulation, crack your ceiling, and cause costly repairs overall.

Defeat Ice Damming With Insulation

Increase your attic insulation so the energy transfer doesn’t occur in the first place.  

So, with the possibility of increasing your energy efficiency, receiving and EPA discount, and increasing your home’s resale value, the decision to choose a contractor is all that remains. Wyoming Roofing has been your community roofing partner for the better part of 20 years. We are a Platinum Preferred contractor by the Owens Corning company, which means that we are certified to work with the high quality materials to improve your home!

Contact us today, and schedule an appointment to see if your home is achieving its energy potential!

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