Is Roof Replacement The Best Option?

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Is Roof Replacement The Best Option?

A concept borrowed from economics, the law of diminishing returns as explained at Learning Theories says continued input (money, time, labor) into a system (like a residential roof) eventually leads to diminished returns.  At some moment, continuing to spend on roof repairs for your Gillette-area home will no longer make sense; roof replacement can be a wiser, more economical choice.

Say When

The tricky part in gauging the effectiveness of roof repairs versus roof replacement. As the homeowner, you are apt to keep hoping another roof repair will get you through another Wyoming winter. Your professional roofer, however, has a more realistic and experienced eye.

At some moment, perhaps sooner than you would like, your roofer should tell you to stop paying for spot repairs and start saving for a roof replacement.

Serious Signals

The most serious signals your roof will send you, indicating the time is ripe for roof replacement, are not always visible to you, the homeowner. This is because no amateur should tread on a roof, whether covered in metal, shingles, shakes, slates or tile. Roofs are slippery; they have to slope to shed water, snow and ice. They are inherently unsafe.

Your professional roofer will be better able than you to see these serious signals pointing toward roof replacement:

  • Spongy or flexing sheathing
  • Several areas of missing, damaged, or loose shingles or tiles
  • Multiple water leaks into your attic
  • Corroded, pitted or damaged flashing around chimneys, sanitary stacks and other protrusions

Getting On

A final, major indicator that roof replacement is in order? Your roof’s age. If it is 20 years or older and shingled, the time is now. If it metal and 40 years or older, you may need to start planning. For shakes, slates and tiles, discuss your roof’s age with your roofer.  

Your local, reliable roofing contractor can assess your roof’s condition and any difference between “weather age” and chronological age.

A wise Gillette homeowner will work with a trusted roofer to plan ahead, laying out a schedule and financing for roof replacement.

Your residential roofing partners, Wyoming Roofing, can provide you with an accurate, honest evaluation of your home’s roof. If repair is sufficient, we can recommend the right course of repairs. But if roof replacement is needed, we will tell you that, and provide some strategies on planning and budgeting for a roof replacement. Contact Wyoming Roofing today to schedule your appointment!

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