How To Know Your Attic Insulation Life Expectancy

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How To Know Your Attic Insulation Life Expectancy

Attic insulation is an important tool for the homeowner. A properly insulated attic keeps the home warm, keeps energy bills low, and protects the roof and home during a heavy snowfall.

For the most part, maintaining attic insulation is pretty easy. Cellulose insulation can last for decades, fiberglass insulation up to 100 years, and spray foam could outlast your home. There are several signs for when it’s time to replace or add to attic insulation.


Moisture reduces the ability for insulation to trap heat and provides an environment for mold to grow, which also harms insulation’s heat-trapping ability.

The most obvious sign moisture is present in your insulation is a leak from roof to ceiling. If nothing so obvious presents itself, you can do a quick inspection of the roof. You may or may not feel damp insulation, but if moisture is a problem, you’ll likely smell it. The air in your attic will be humid and if there’s mold, an odor will be present. Damp insulation, humidity, and/or mold are all clear signs your insulation probably needs to be replaced and your roof likely needs to be repaired.

A Cooler House and Higher Energy Bills

The next most obvious sign your insulation isn’t working as it should is the actual temperature of your house. If your furnace is running longer, your bills are going up, or a draft is coming from the attic, your insulation might need to be added to.

Bald Spots on a Snowy Roof

When snow blankets your neighborhood, you have the perfect opportunity to see if your insulation is working. Snow should cover your roof uniformly. Large, bare spots demonstrate your insulation is letting heat escape. In such a case, fix the problem soon. When heat from the house doesn’t get trapped, it melts the roof snow. That snow then refreezes around the edges of the house, forming ice dams and damaging the roof. In extreme cases, ice can build up so much the roof could collapse.

Attic insulation is reliable and can be one of your best home investments. When it fails, it’s also reliable in sending clear signs. If your insulation needs to be replaced, find a reliable contractor. Wyoming Roofing is a certified Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. Our dependable team can answer any of your roofing or insulation questions. Please contact us to learn more.

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