Long Term and Low Maintenance Roof Replacement Options

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Long Term and Low Maintenance Roof Replacement Options

When looking at the total on your roof replacement estimate, it’s important to evaluate first-time as well as total lifetime costs. 

First-time costs reflect the one-time expenditure for the roof installation, lifetime costs include a comprehensive assessment of how much you’ll spend throughout the lifetime of the new roof, including maintenance, repairs and energy efficiency.

Replacing a roof is a steep investment, but be wary of the temptation to “save” money by selecting lower-quality products or the lowest estimate from an unqualified roofer.

Evaluate Lifetime Maintenance & Repair Costs When Choosing a Roof Replacement

Evaluating lifetime cost potential is a must in our rugged Wyoming climate, where extreme elements take their toll on commercial and residential roofs.

In addition to the initial price tag, research the long-term maintenance requirements and performance expectations of each roof replacement option your roofing contractor proposes.

Lifetime maintenance expectations

Consider where your house is located. Are winds excessive? Are you on a colder, north-facing slope? If so, homeowners may opt to choose a metal roof, which is more wind-resistant and also helps to shed snow pack, as opposed to asphalt shingles, which are more likely to require replacement after time and high-winds take their toll.

Don’t like the look of a metal roof? Stone coated metal roofing provides all the benefits of metal roofs but with the classic look of shingles, shake or tiles. These roofs are rated for winds of up to 160 mph.

Finally, while concrete tiles are a top-dollar investment, they also provide a classic look but are impervious to rust, corrosion and warping. Plus, concrete tiles are incredibly efficient.

By taking a product’s lifetime maintenance expectations into consideration, you may find that splurging on a top-quality roof now will reap significant savings down the road.

Additional roof performance features

What is the status of your home’s current gutter and downspout system, attic ventilation and insulation? If you’re replacing your roof but the rest of these systems are outdated, home energy efficiency will suffer and that costs you in terms of higher utility payments.

Taking a good look at long-term maintenance requirements and performance benefits may reveal that spending extra in first-time costs will actually save you thousands in the long run via lower maintenance costs, fewer repairs and improved whole-house energy efficiency.

Ready to work with a roofing contractor who takes a comprehensive, lifetime savings approach to roof replacement? Contact Wyoming Roofing.

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