Maximize Roof Lifespan With Metal Roofing

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Maximize Roof Lifespan With Metal Roofing

Replacing a home’s roof isn’t something homeowners want to do very often, if ever.

But no roof material lasts forever so it’s important to know how to choose a roof that will give you the longest lifespan possible. Metal roofing is a great option because it has a highly attractive lifespan. Here are some of the other benefits you get from metal roofing that make it last longer.

Installation and Stand Seam Roofing

No matter the material, installation matters when it comes to the roof’s effectiveness. This is why Wyoming Roofing has started utilizing this custom, standing seam metal cutter for our customers. This cutting machine allows us to cut the metal roofing material to the exact length and wide for your home, while onsite, creating a perfectly fitted metal roof. 

Stand Seam


Stand Seam







Metal roofs can last anywhere from 40-70 years depending on the exact material you choose, and maintenance you perform.


Metal roofs can sustain wind gusts, some up to 140 mph and they won’t corrode or crack in the rain. In Wyoming weather, a metal roof will often allow snow to slide off the roof, keeping the weight load at a steadier number, and usually preventing the maintenance of snow removal.  While metal roofs should be inspected regularly, they don’t need costly maintenance very often.


You never know what Wyoming storms are going to bring and metal roofs won’t spark or ignite into flames if there is fire nearby or if they are struck by lightning. Debris is also known to slide off these roofs, preventing the homeowner from the extremely unsafe habit of trying to access their roof in order to remove tree limb debris.

If you see debris on your roof you think should be removed, do it the safest way and contact your licensed roofing contractor to come remove it and make sure it didn’t penetrate any of your roofing material.

Energy Efficiency

You want any upgrade you make to your home to be efficient and metal roof reflect solar heat to reduce your cooling costs inside.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs have a large part recycled content and don’t waste as much as other styles.

If you know you want metal roofing because of their longevity and for other reasons, you then have to decide what type of material you want. Here are your options:

Metal roofing is sometimes called the Cadillac of roofing because it looks so nice and lasts so long. Metal roofing describes a wide variety of roofing materials and you will have to look at the specifics of each to make the best decision. When you are ready to choose, contact Wyoming Roofing for help. We can go through the ins and outs of every time and line up your home with the right material for your needs. With a free estimate at your service, we’re here to help!

Long Term and Low Maintenance Roof Replacement Options

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