What You Need to Know about Home Metal Roof Beauty

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What You Need to Know about Home Metal Roof Beauty

What You Need to Know about Home Metal Roof Beauty

Metal roofs have plenty of benefits to make them a wise choice for homeowners who want to replace their roof. For one, metal is extremely durable and has a lifespan of 50 years or more. They’re also highly energy efficient and eco-friendly in that they’re often made from recycled material (and recycled at the end of their lifespan). But there’s another factor to consider when buying a metal roof – its beauty.

1. Metal Roofs Have Come a Long Way

The standard metal roof was once used primarily for airport hangars and pole barns, but it now offers a smart look for homeowners. Today’s metal roofs look amazing and come in a variety of color options which enhance your home’s beauty, including how it blends with the rest of the house’s exterior.

2. Metal Roofs Look Like New For a Long Time

Not only are metal roofs durable, but they still look good even after decades of wear and tear. Some metal roofs also have warranties to cover color fading.

Metal offers another advantage in its resistance to mold, mildew, and airborne algae – which can cause stains on asphalt roofs and detract from the roof’s overall beauty. A metal roof doesn’t absorb water, and its smooth, hard surface helps prevent airborne debris, dust, and plant materials from collecting.

3. Metal Roofs Enhance Curb Appeal

You always want your home to look its best, especially when thinking about selling it. A metal roof helps to give a home a timeless, distinctive look, while its many other benefits help make it attractive to potential buyers.

4. Metal Roofs Come in a Wide Variety of Styles and Colors

You have plenty of color options from which to choose when buying metal shingles and they can match the look of any traditional roofing material. 

Aluminum roofing is pre-painted and can match the profile of any home or roof, while galvanized steel has a unique advantage in how well it “holds” paint. Copper, while more expensive than aluminum and galvanized steel, has an attractive blue-green patina that forms when left exposed for eight to 15 years.

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