What You Need To Know About Metal Roofs And Ice Damming

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What You Need To Know About Metal Roofs And Ice Damming

If you live in Sheridan, WY, or surrounding areas, you’ll agree winters can be extremely cold with temperatures falling below freezing. When warm indoor air escapes through your rooftop, it warms the roofs sheathing and melts the underside layer of snow on your roof. The water then slides down the roof towards the eaves where it freezes into ice. These obstructions can cause water to back up and create a reservoir which can damage your ceiling and other building components.

Installing Metal Roofs in Winter

The benefits of metal roofing are immense, which is why it is the most popular roofing solution today. Unlike other roofing systems, metal roofs can easily be installed in colder winter months without compromising quality. Sheet metal panels are resistant to cracking, breaking, or bending. Metal and steel roofs often remain smooth and even for years. This characteristic helps metal roofs slide water and snow right off, ensuring no ice dams build up on the roof. The interlocking nature of certain types of metal panels also helps prevent issues caused by ice dams.

Metal Roof Snow Guards

To minimize the chances of damage from ice dams, it’s important to install snow guards (also referred to as snow stoppers) for metal roofs. These devices help to contain the snow and put an end to an impending avalanche. Snow guards should be typically installed 6 inches above the gutters. During heavy rains and snowing, this distance ensures water doesn’t overflow and spill over your gutters.

Whenever you install a new roof in winter, be sure to have an ice and water shield membrane installed around the bottom edge of the roof. This membrane will help prevent water intrusion in your house whenever ice damming occurs. Finally, be sure your attic ventilation is adequate when installing metal roofs. Keeping your attic at a similar temperature to the exterior will help stop ice dams.

So, if you are looking to invest in a new roof, consider metal roofing systems. There’s no doubt metal is the go-to material when looking for a roofing system which holds up well against snow buildup. By investing in a dependable metal roofing system, you can protect your property for the imminent damage from ice dams while also giving it a facelift. Contact Wyoming Roofing in Sheridan, WY, to learn more about metal roofs and ice damming or to request an estimate.

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