How To Prevent Ice Dams With Attic Insulation

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How To Prevent Ice Dams With Attic Insulation

With cold weather upon us, now’s the right time to get your home ready for winter’s extremes. From excessive snowfall to plunging temperatures, winter presents a unique set of challenges.

Your home’s roof also faces plenty of weather-related stress during the winter, including from ice dams. The good news is ice dams are avoidable and you can stop them before they form.

What are ice dams and how do they form?

Ice dams form when snow on a roof’s upper, warmer ridge melts and the ensuing water runs toward the colder eaves, where it freezes. The ice can back up under the roof’s shingles as it accumulates. Here it melts again, soaking the insulation and leaking into your home.

Ice dams can damage gutters and pose the danger of falling ice to those below, as well as causing extensive damage to your home’s paint and drywall.

Ice dams and improper insulation

Having the right amount of attic insulation will prevent heat loss which causes the upper regions of a roof to become too warm. Measuring your attic’s insulation to ensure you have enough – you need know both inches and what type of insulation is used. Having proper insulation is an essential step in preventing ice dams and can save you money on potential extensive roof repairs.

Have a professional roofing contractor inspect your insulation is the easiest way to know you have enough. They can determine if you have the right amount to prevent issues such as ice dams. Meanwhile, don’t wait until an ice dam forms to contact a professional because then it may be too late to prevent damage.

A contractor will also let you know what the recommended R value is for your area. The R value measures the amount of heat flow resistance there is through a given thickness of a material (such as insulation).

How do you know you need insulation?

There are a variety of signs which point to a possible lack of attic insulation in your home:

  • Temperatures in your house vary from room to room
  • Your energy bills are rising even though your energy use has remained constant
  • You noticed bare patches on your roof during the last snowfall – a sure sign of a hot spot caused by rising heat.

Schedule an inspection by the professionals at Wyoming Roofing to ensure your roof and home are protected against ice dams. Wyoming Roofing is the only Owens Corning Platinum preferred contractor in Northeast Wyoming.

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