What You Need To Know About Retractable Awnings

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What You Need To Know About Retractable Awnings

No house faces only one compass direction. We all know the wisdom of having your kitchen or living room face south, but with so many other variables at work, we cannot always pick and choose the home orientation. Retractable awnings are an ideal solution for the bedroom which gets too much sunlight, the patio that bakes everyone all summer, or the unusable deck during the spring. Sunesta retractable awnings, installed and maintained by Wyoming Roofing, are the perfect answer to imperfect home placement.

How Do Retractable Awnings Work?

We have all seen fixed awnings over storefronts and homes. No matter what, they protrude and obscure the window they are intended to shade. With retractable awnings, the turn of a crank or the push of a button brings it back to your home’s exterior wall (or rolls it up neatly into an eave). Another turn or push and the awning extends, providing blessed relief from the sweltering sun.

What is Main Purpose of Retractable Awnings?

The earth is not static, and neither is the solar system. Earth rotates and revolves, so sunlight reaches different parts of your Wyoming home at different parts of the day and year. You cannot stop either the sun or the earth from doing their things. However, retractable awnings allow you to control how sunshine affects your home.

Block energy-robbing infrared radiation in the summer. Stop annoying glare year-round. Provide cooling shade for patios, decks, walkways and other outdoor areas of your home and yard. Retractable awnings answer many needs.

Are Retractable Awnings Manual or Electric?

For homeowners with arthritis, rheumatism, or other movement-limiting ailments, Sunesta awnings expertly installed by the technicians of Wyoming Roofing can be transformative. Since every awning is custom-built for a specific site and client, you can enjoy full automation with electrically operated awnings for your porch, patio, or deck.

If you do not mind turning a manual crank, you can save a bit of your budget and opt for manual operation. You still get the same shade the electrical awning provides; you just have to do a little more work yourself.

How Long Do Retractable Awnings Last?

Because the awnings are made with durable, dependable, heavy-duty metal frames, the mechanical parts will last for many years. The synthetic fiber fabrics are solution-dyed for maximum color retention. The fabric, of course, can be replaced without replacing the entire awning structure, making upkeep and repair easy.

Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof?

Sunesta retractable awnings shed water but are not waterproof the way a fixed metal awning would be. The synthetic fabric repels water, unlike canvas awnings that absorb water.

Maintenance Needs

An awning is a mechanical device. You can expect a little routine maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Your local Wyoming Roofing technicians can provide this regular inspection and service. If you opt for the electrically operated awnings, motors may need attention every year to make sure bearings are lubricated.

The fabric of the awning can be cleaned as you would clean a patio umbrella or pergola cover.

Live Life Comfortably With Retractable Awnings

Being outside under an awning or sun shade is great. You still enjoy the gentle warmth of summer temperatures without the harsh direct sunlight. In fall and spring, you extend the useful life of a patio or deck by using the awning to stop glaring sunlight or cooling breezes.

Inside, your Wyoming home becomes more comfortable and energy efficient in the summer when awnings keep infrared heat from penetrating while your central air conditioner works to keep your home cool and comfortable.


Where is a good spot for an awning on your home? How about windows with southern exposure? Other great spots to consider:

  • Garden pergolas
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Over entry doors
  • Play areas

What Benefits Do Retractable Awnings Offer Wyoming Residents?

Wyoming is an outdoors country. Live your life to the full by enjoying Wyoming’s magnificent scenery from the safety and comfort of your own deck or patio. Keep the sun from making any outdoor living space too hot or too bright. Provide your perfect viewing spot with a sun shelter to enjoy the sunsets.

A well-placed retractable awning can also boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Extend the usable time of your patio or deck by adding a retractable awning so you control just how much sun and shade you have. Feel like you have more living space by making more outdoor spots livable.

To learn more about the beautiful, reliable and practical Sunesta retractable awnings, please contact us at Wyoming Roofing. Our knowledgeable representative will be more than happy to visit your home and detail how these accessories can make your patio or deck more usable, add privacy and shade to your porch, or transform a blazing-hot open spot into a sun-sheltered haven.

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