Make Spring Cleaning Easy With A Gutter Helmet

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Make Spring Cleaning Easy With A Gutter Helmet

Spring cleaning in Sheridan should be about getting free trees, not cleaning up after them. Sheridan’s popular “Trees for Trash” program in May rewards residents of Sheridan County and the City of Sheridan with a free tree for dumping up to a ton of trash.

Some of that trash may very well come from cleaning your home’s gutters. And some of that gutter trash could very well be leaves and twigs from cottonwood, lodgepole pine, and other local favorites.

Banish Gutter Glop

Just as you can dump some household trash at the county landfill, you can rid yourself of that gutter glop — the twigs, leaves, and pine needles that quickly accumulate and clog your Sheridan-area home’s gutters — by using the ingenious Gutter Helmet, professionally installed by the highly trained technicians of Wyoming Roofing.

Gutter Helmet

Unlike other systems, Gutter Helmet fits over your existing gutters, so no expensive replacement is required. The system keeps debris from clogging the gutters by having it fall harmlessly past the gutter. The patented design comes with a triple lifetime warranty (performance, materials, and transferability), when properly installed by trained professionals.
The patented nose-forward design of Gutter Helmet lets rainwater’s surface tension move leaves, pine needles and twigs over the Helmet and past your gutter. Only rainwater falls into the gutter, moving to your downspout and away from your foundation, all with no clogs!

Preserve Home Value

Gutters are integral parts of your roofing system. The best roof can still fail if water backs up behind gutters, rots fascia strips, or infiltrates between walls. Your foundations remain strong and dry; your Sheridan home’s exterior siding remains stain-free and intact.

Protect Life and Limb

Climbing a rickety ladder to perform the spring ritual of cleaning gutters is an invitation to an accident. Slips and falls from ladders are major causes of emergency room visits. Save your back, save your limbs; contract with Wyoming Roofers to install beautiful, worry-free Gutter Helmet around your entire home. Never climb a ladder to clean gutters again.

Easy Installation

In the hands of skilled craftsmen from Wyoming Roofers, Gutter Helmet installs quickly. Coupled with available heat elements to prevent Wyoming winters from icing over your gutters and causing ice dams, Gutter Helmet’s design will save you hours of spring cleaning and dangerous ladder climbing. Contact Wyoming Roofers today to schedule an appointment for an estimate and available installation dates.

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