Why Sturdy Shingles Come From Installation

//Why Sturdy Shingles Come From Installation

Why Sturdy Shingles Come From Installation

Why Sturdy Shingles Come From Installation

Want your high-quality shingles to live up to their manufacturer’s guarantee? Then hire a licensed roofing contractor familiar with the rigors of our Wyoming climate, and who knows how to get the job done right.

Shingles provide all-weather protection

Singles have a big responsibility. In addition to protecting your roof (and your home’s interior), they also prevent solar heat gain, moisture damage, and protect your home from excessive winds.
The saying, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” is a perfect metaphor for shingles. The best shingles on the market cannot perform as designed if they aren’t installed correctly.

Both roof and shingle application matter

Optimizing the lifetime of your shingles begins with a solid roof installation. The slope of your roof affects shingles’ ability to do their job. A reputable WY roofing contractor will inspect the roof, performing any necessary repairs or amendments before moving forward with single repair or replacement.

In order to work correctly – shedding rain, snow, ice, moisture and holding up to high winds – your shingles rely on a properly installed roof. Among other things, this includes:

When it comes to the shingles, your roof and home deserve:

  • A starter layer of shingles laid down along the eaves (failure to do this allows moisture infiltration under the sheathing)
  • Shingles that are aligned properly. Misaligned shingles have, butted joints that don’t live on the same horizontal plane and/or three-tab asphalt shingles with cutouts that aren’t laid vertically.
  • Proper shingle overhang. Singles must overhang the end of the roof by an exact amount. Too little, and they allow moisture infiltration; too much and they’re sheared off by the wind.

Can your shingles withstand Wyoming’s tough winds?

Our state has wind speeds upwards of 75 mph or more during winter storms or the windier times of the year. That’s a lot for shingles to withstand on a fairly consistent basis, year after year.

For that reason, it’s imperative that shingles are installed by a professional who knows which shingle types are best suited for our climate, and how to install them so the singles can withstand whatever Mother Nature blows at them.

Looking to secure your home before winter with well-installed singles? Contact the licensed pros at Wyoming Roofing.


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