The Dangers of Under Ventilation and Under Insulation

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The Dangers of Under Ventilation and Under Insulation

The attic space in your home is anything but a dormant one. An integral part of your home’s energy structure the attic has the capability to control your home’s temperature. Much like when you open the window and door in your home to create a draft, your attic relies on ventilation, intake and exhaust points, to control moisture and temperature levels.

Your Attic Needs Ventilation:

During this time of year, as you’re walking around your home, notice any icicles? Perhaps a spot where snow has melted on an otherwise covered slope? These are both indications that your roof is under-insulated… How do you tell if it is under-ventilated? Condensation, uneven room temperatures and ice damming all point toward issues in ventilation as well. Your roofing system is just that, a system, the attic/insulation/ventilation impact your home just as much as the shingles/underlayment/decking and exterior elements do. In order for your roofing system to work perfectly in concert you need all of the elements to be up to par.

Inadequate Insulation:

If your home struggles to maintain even temperatures throughout, you make be experiencing some air leaks, most likely in your ceiling. As the hot air rises, it finds places in the drywall (penetrations etc.) and escapes into your attic space. With inadequate insulation, the hot air travels up into your attic, where it can expose any poor ventilation.

If your attic is under-ventilated, the hot air will have no exhaust point, so it will heat the decking, thus melting the snow and causing ice damming. Also if the air in your attic has any moisture, it will condensate along your trusses/beams, and drip down onto your insulation, causing damage.

Dangers of Condensation and Ice Damming:

Homeowners often do not realize the risk of keeping an attic space under-ventilated/under-insulated, but failing to identify potential risks could end up costing you hundreds even thousands of dollars. As the condensation saturates your insulation and weighs down on the sheetrock, it creates cracks and has a high risk of collapsing your ceiling. Water damage from Ice damming and condensation can not only damage your sheetrock, but can cause mold, ruin electrical equipment and cause damage to countless other personal belongings.

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