What Is Included With Your Roof Replacement

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What Is Included With Your Roof Replacement

As good as your home’s roof is or has been, you’ll eventually need to replace it.

The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is around 20 years, for example. A trustworthy professional roofing contractor will let you know when it’s time to replace your roof rather than continuing to repair it. If your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, you may wonder what the replacement process entails.

Inspection and Estimate

An inspection by a dependable roofing contractor will help determine if a roof replacement is needed. Once it’s decided to go ahead with the replacement, your contractor will provide a written estimate of the cost of the job and its scope. You should get estimates from multiple roofing companies. Remember to be wary of contractors whose bid is much lower than the others.

Getting Started

After the inspection is done and you’ve accepted an estimate, it’s time to schedule the work. A dumpster may be delivered to your home a few days before work begins; it’s used for disposal of your old shingles and other roofing materials.

Roof Removal & Disposal

The real work begins when your roofers remove your existing shingles and nails down to the roof decking to ensure the decking is in good condition and has not water damage. All flashing metal should be replaced to ensure that they do not have holes from nails and will be sealed properly. Roof edge metal must be replaced. Damaged or bad wood may also need replacing, depending on its condition.

General Roof Installation

Installing a new roof is a multi-faceted process which includes the potential repairs mentioned above. Ice dam protection often is installed, as is a metal drip edge and valley flashing. Installation of flashing around any areas of the roof where leaks may come into the house is also done. Of course, a new layer of shingles is added over everything.

Clean Up

Once the roof is installed and needed repairs made, your contractor will clean up your yard and surrounding area to ensure no roofing material is left behind. The roofing crew will do a final sweep of your yard to make sure your property is in the same condition as before the job began.

Call Wyoming Roofing if you’re ready for a roof replacement. They will work with you from inspection to cleanup to ensure the job meets the highest standard.

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