Why Sunesta Awnings Fit Every Home Style

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Why Sunesta Awnings Fit Every Home Style

There’s nothing quite like a summer day when weather conditions are ideal. The sun is shining, temperatures are comfortable, and you’re able to enjoy an ideal day outdoors.

There are times, however, when the sun is a bit too intense, and the insects too prevalent. On days when the sun baked you back and leaves little ones sun-drained, Sunesta Awnings has a solution for you.

Sunesta is one of the first companies to manufacture customized retractable awnings. Their awnings are designed to “engineer the perfect day” while providing the ultimate in outdoor comfort.

Wyoming Roofing of Gillette sells Sunesta Awnings to fit every homeowner’s needs and offers a wide range of products.

1. Retractable Screens

Retractable sunscreens will enhance any outdoor living space and can be installed to any pre-existing structure to provide protection from harmful UV rays. They also can be fitted with window inserts to offer additional weather protection.

2. Sun Shelters

Sun Shelters by Sunesta Awnings also serve to enhance your outdoor experience. They attach easily to any existing structure and can extend over a patio, or simply stand on their own. You have 150 fabric styles to choose from, while the shelter’s metal frames can withstand severe wind gusts.

3. Patio & Deck Awnings

A custom retractable awning will improve your patio or outdoor deck and keep your family comfortable for many years. Each awning consists of 100% synthetic fabric that’s fade and mold-resistant. Meanwhile, its powder-coated metal frames won’t scratch or rust.

4. Window & Door Awnings

Customized window and door awnings by Sunesta Awnings provide a variety of advantages to homeowners, including that they’ll help cut down on energy costs in the warmer months by preventing direct sunlight from entering your home. Door and window awnings come in a rectangular, elongated dome, and round designs, while there are over 150 colors and patterns from which to choose.

Sunesta Awnings offers a variety of optional features, including wireless remote control, automatic sensors, and more. All of their products are custom manufactured in the USA.

Wyoming Roofing serves the Gillette and Sheridan areas while providing experienced residential and business roofing solutions. They’ll work with you to find and install the Sunesta Awnings solution fits your needs. Contact Wyoming Roofing.

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