Windstorm Damages Wyoming Roofs – Take Action Now!

/, Storm Damage/Windstorm Damages Wyoming Roofs – Take Action Now!

Windstorm Damages Wyoming Roofs – Take Action Now!

Wyoming Roofing Tarp Service after Storm Damage We’re betting you heard the wind ravaging your windows, doors, and plants last night. An extremely powerful windstorm plowed through Gillette, Sundance, Rozet, and Buffalo last night, with winds reaching over 75mph, leaving multiple forms of wind damage.

We’ve got some important information for homeowners that just endured this windstorm. Heavy rain is on the way, and if your shingle roof sustained any damage from the wind, it is not ready to fully protect your home from the next 10 days of weather.

The Wyoming Roofing team is prepped and ready to complete free inspections and offer tarping service for anyone with storm damage to protect their roof through the next few wild days.

If you suspect your roof was damaged by the recent windstorm, taking the time to have your roof tarped and secure your home’s safety before the upcoming storm can save you thousands of dollars in repairs later.  

What Does Wind Do To My Roof?

Wind is one of the trickier weather elements that your roofing system has to combat. Wind (at speeds like the 75 mph clocked last night) is forced at your roof in all directions. This great force can rip shingles completely off your roof or cause them to lift upward, ripping the nail hole where the shingle was installed.

Missing ShinglesWyoming Roofing Offers Tarping Service After Major Wind Storm

If the wind was able to rip a few stray shingles off your roof, you should be fine for the next rain, right? Wrong. A missing shingle may not seem like a huge deal, but the unforeseen damage can cost significantly more than getting the small repair completed.

When a section of roof is missing one or more shingles, the entire area is vulnerable to damage. Next time it rains, water can seep in where the nail was used to secure the shingle to your home; it can also find its way behind the shingles adjacent to the missing one. When water reaches behind the protective shingle, it begins to damage your roof decking and insulation, which will require much more expensive repairs.

You’ll need to mitigate the water damage to your home by getting your roof covered or repaired before the next rain comes.

Lifted ShinglesWyoming Roofing Offers Tarping Service after Major Windstorm

Lifted shingles are hard to spot. They can be almost invisible to the naked, untrained eye, which is also why they can often go unnoticed, causing water damage for weeks or months before they are located. When a shingle is forced upward from wind, the nail hole is stretched to a larger diameter than the nail that is inside of it.

Although the shingle is still in place, this stretched hole acts as an entry point for water to seep underneath that shingle, damaging the decking and slowly growing into a leak for the entire plane of the roof. Without attention, this small hole can lead to a plethora of damaged areas on your roof and inside your home.

Again, we urge you to contact Wyoming Roofing for a thorough roof inspection and protection against the next heavy storms until there is time for a complete repair.

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