If you have a flat roof on your building, congratulations. The flat roof (with a slope up to 10 degrees) has been used for centuries. In many arid climates they are used as living space. They are characteristic of the Egyptian, Persian, and Arabian style of architecture. Many modern flat roofs are returning to use in the United States with increasing construction of flat roof decks, even pools, or roof gardens. They are ideal for the installation of solar panels as well. New materials like fiber glass and tiles are now appearing in flat roof construction to improve their use and longevity.
In many cases a flat roof may require more maintenance than a sloped roof because more debris collects on them.
* Leaves collect and can turn into mulch over the winter.
* Branches from overhanging trees often scrape the roof in the wind causing damage.
* Trees can even begin to grow in the mulch.
* The roots from plants growing on the roofing can cause damage to the surface.
* Oils from chimneys, especially in commercial buildings, can do damage to roofing surfaces.
* Standing water collects in dips, clogged drains and scuppers.
Regular maintenance of flat roofs is essential to avoid serious and expensive repair. Maintenance can be a relatively simple regular procedure. Flat roofs are easier and safer to walk on but you need to be cautious about damaging the roofing when you walk.
* Experts say the most important thing is to keep drains and scuppers clear of debris because backups will trap standing water on the roof which may eventually leak into the building.
* Regularly sweep the roof removing leaves and dirt that accumulates there.
* Check the flashing for cracked caulking and sealants that should be removed and replaced.
* Repair any small punctures or worn areas using available patch kits.
* Check for any larger cracks and splits in the roofing. These may need professional attention.
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