Installing a new roof is a necessary and inevitable cost of being a homeowner. In addition to adding to your home’s curb appeal, sturdy and professionally installed roofing is essential for keeping damage-causing moisture out of your home. Depending on the structural integrity of your home, the condition of the existing roof, and what may be underneath it, you may have the option of tearing off the old roof or re-roofing over it. Here’s what you need to consider:
* A layover may not be an option if your roof already has multiple layers, or if the existing layer is uneven or has evidence of mold or rot. In the case of roofs, out of sight is not out of mind – hidden problems only get worse over time.
* An overlay is a possible option if you have sound decking. Shingles add thousands of pounds of additional weight and could pose a serious problem from the structural integrity of your home. Also, an overlay is only possible if there are no existing leaks or material defects with the exterior walls or flashing. This is essential because it is impossible to install a leak barrier on an overlay. If the original roof has leakage issues, water will be able to find its way up and under the overlay and seep in to the decking. You are also unable in most cases to inspect the roof deck thoroughly enough with out a tear off to determine if the new roofing systems fasteners will hold. Rot and other issues caused over time by a variety of issues can lead to premature roof failure and warranties being voided due to not tearing off.
* Tearing off your old roof is another option. Because this will expose the decking, any damaged or rotten sections can be replaced. Homes with fewer roods have a greater resale value because tear-offs are regarded as a premium roofing service. Also, a tear-off will typically outlast a layover because it is not affected by heat and moisture getting trapped underneath it.
Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home because it protects everything underneath it – including you and your family. While an overlay will generate modest savings, it may cause undue stress on your home and exacerbate any existing roofing problems. Contact us for a free estimate. We will help you decide which approach to re-roofing is right for your home!