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Owens Corning Certified Energy Experts
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Superior Attic Insulation Service

Wyoming Roofing, as you may know, is the only Owens Corning Platinum preferred contractor based in Northeast Wyoming. Carrying this credential since 2004, we are skilled and held to the high standard of Owens Corning Platinum preferred contractors, guaranteeing a professional grade product with expert installation. Along with our Platinum credential Wyoming Roofing is also Top of the House certified by Owens Corning. The additional certification ensures that we are the expert contractor in NE Wyoming knowing how ventilation/insulation/and roofing system all work together.

Insulation plays a critical role in home construction as it majorly impacts energy efficiency. Heat flows from warm to cool areas. In winter, warm air from inside your home escapes outside, making it feel cold inside. During summer, hot air moves from outdoors and fills the inside of your home, making it hot, humid, and uncomfortable.

Health Effects of Insulation

Exposure to some insulation products can impact your health if the materials are mishandled or misused. Common health issues include itchy, watery, or irritating sensation of the eyes, throat, or nose. You could also suffer itchy skin or rashes. Some homeowners have reported breathing difficulties, especially if they have asthma or other breathing disorders. On some occasions nausea, confusion, and headaches have been reported. There’s even an unpleasant odor which may stick around.
Having skin contact with these materials can cause some side effects as well. When you cut dried foam or handle loose, fluffy fiberglass, or cellulose insulation, there is a substantial amount of dust generated. Fiberglass can also shed tiny glass pieces which are itchy.
The tiny fibers of glass from the insulation wool can irritate your eyes and your skin. Too much contact with fiberglass can result in irritant contact dermatitis or skin inflammation.

Safety Precautions to Take When Handling Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is safe to install and use as long as you take the recommended safety measures. When working with fiberglass insulation, wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, sturdy shoes, socks, gloves, and a hat.
Other protective gear to use include:
Safety goggles to protect your eyes.
Dust mask to protect your respiratory tract.

To minimize exposure to fiberglass dust, don’t try to remove fiberglass materials from the packaging until it is ready to be installed. Keep your work area clean and free of waste insulation materials and ensure proper ventilation throughout the installation.

If you need to install new insulation or replace worn-out or inefficient attic insulation, consider Wyoming Roofing in North East Wyoming. We are the only Owens Corning Platinum installation contractor who guarantees professional-grade products with expert installation.

PRO-CAT Blown-In Attic Insulation

Through our partnership with Owens Corning, we are able to install the professional expanding blown-in insulation. The Owens Corning ProCat Insulation expands 20x its original size, giving your attic space the best coverage available. The advanced formula of the ProCat attic insulation delivers superior thermal performance. With our Owens Corning Platinum preferred status, you can rest assured that our installation methods will leave your attic space completely functional. Baffle covers, dome light housings and spacers are all used during our installation process to make sure your home not only stays warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. In addition to the added energy value, the ProCat insulation also does not support molding, moisture absorption and also pests.

Save on Energy Costs

Homeowners who invest in attic insulation see energy savings of up to 20% within the first year of installation. With the added energy benefit, attic insulation protects your home from costly repairs and allows you to use less heat and turn off the A/C– leaving a comfortable, affordable living space. The professional insulation installation provided by Wyoming Roofing ensures that your attic will be protected against air leaks, which are the main culprit behind heat loss. If energy savings and overall protection of your most valuable investment are part of your home’s budgeting contact Wyoming Roofing today and get set up with a Free attic inspection and ensure that your home is reaching its energy potential.

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