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Gutter helmet gutter protection system

Wyoming Roofing is the only certified installer of Gutter Helmet’s protection system. Gutter Helmet offers you a safe and effective way to keep your gutters clean and in prime condition for a lifetime of use. Gutter Helmet is America’s number one gutter protection system. Backed by a triple lifetime warranty guarantee, the Gutter Helmet can only be installed by a factory certified contractor who is professionally trained in safe, effective installation. We at Wyoming Roofing are happy to be your local Gutter Helmet providers.

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What is Gutter Helmet?

Gutter Helmet is a revolutionary gutter protection system designed to fit right over your existing gutters. The unique design guarantees a permanent solution to gutter cleaning and protection.

Gutter protection is of the utmost importance for the overall health of your home. Clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof, siding and foundation by causing rain water to back up under the roof and leak into other parts of your home. Gutter Helmet stands by their patented design with a triple lifetime warranty.

How does Gutter Helmet work?

Gutter Helmet boasts a unique multi-patented design that is guaranteed to keep debris out of your gutters.

Unlike other gutter protection system designs, Gutter Helmet uses 5/8 inch non-vertical slits, a patented nose-forward design, and the natural power of rainwater surface tension to keep leaves, pine needles, sticks and other debris out of your gutters for good, while allowing water to flow easily through them. The unique design guarantees that you will never have to clean your gutters again or worry about runoff and backed up water damaging your landscape or house structure.


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Wyoming Roofing stands by our customers and our community as we strive to offer only the best products and services available. We believe that the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system falls into that goal for quality. For more information on Gutter Helmet protection contact the certified professionals at Wyoming Roofing.



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