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Membrane Roofing

Here are a few benefits to be had from EPDM and FiberTite roofing:

  • Made from recycled materials, rubber roofing options are environmentally friendly.
  • Reflects heat, so cooling costs can be lessened in the summer
  • Insulates well, so heating costs can also be decreased in winter
  • Inexpensive materials and initial installation
  • Repairs can be fixed very easily and at low-cost
  • Rubber shingles are available in many different colors and textures
  • Durable

As with other types of roofing, regular inspections are needed on your membrane roof. Particular attention needs to be given to the following list of common membrane roof issues:

  • Leaks can be sometimes hard to find during the repair process, so close inspection is required
  • Pipes, chimneys, and HVAC units pose  a threat of leaks and may have to be resealed over time
  • An inspection will help determine the Membrane Roof’s overall condition.