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Best of Both Worlds

With Stone Coated Metal Roofing you get the benefits of a metal roof with the classic shingle/shake/tile look. Not only does Stone Coated Metal Roofing give you the best of both worlds, but it is seen as the better, premium option.

  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Shingles lock together to provide the best wind resistance
  • Metal shingles are lightweight like metal roofing and can be installed on top of your existing shingle roof.
  • Strong, 2.5″ hail warranty and a 160mph available wind warranty
  • Class “A” Fire Rating (Best in the industry.)
  • Best protection against snow and ice, prevents against “ice damming”


Stone Coated Metal Roof Repair

Extensive storm damage can be expensive to repair. A full stone coated metal roof replacement may be more cost effective and less tedious.

One of the best investments you will ever make, a stone coated metal roof is beautiful and modern, yet still functional and durable.