Storm Damage Roof Repair from Wyoming Roofing

Storm Roof Repair Wyoming

When mother nature sends her showers, sometimes they can be less than forgiving to your home. Having a roof leak, shingles blown off your roof, or damage from a nearby tree can qualify as a roofing emergency for your home. Letting that water seep past your roof can create many problems with mold, condensation, rot, and warping. Not to fear! We have roofing support to meet your needs.


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What To Do Next?

Wyoming Roofing is happy to service your roofing needs in a timely manner. Here’s what you can do before we get there.

  • Once the storm has passed, assess the situation from the ground.
  • Connect with your insurance provider about potential damage claims (We’ll help you walk through this process further after we see your roof’s condition)
  • Document any damage you can see or identify for your insurance and to identify to us when we arrive. You can do this in writing, with pictures, or even video.
  • DO NOT attempt to climb on your roof. We value your safety! We can assess your damage more closely on arrival.

Storm Damage Should Not Be Taken Lightly

What begins as a small, seemingly insignificant issue can quickly lead to much more severe issues that may not be as easily fixed. Damage caused by one particularly powerful storm can lead to leaking and interior structural damage during subsequent rains and storms. If you suspect storm damage to your roof, or have reason to suspect storm damage, contact the professionals at Wyoming Roofing for a thorough inspection or a free estimate.



Emergency Service Area:

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