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Wyoming Roofing has partnered with Sunesta Awnings to provide our clients with elegant, professionally designed and custom manufactured residential and commercial awnings, screens and sun shelters. At Wyoming, we strive to always provide the best for our communities. This means that not only do we provide the best, most dependable services, but we also only work with the best manufacturers. Sunesta has been among the nation’s leading manufacturers of custom retractable awnings since they helped pioneer the concept in 1981.

Financing Options for Sunesta Awnings


Patio & Deck Awnings

Improve your home’s outdoor patio or deck living space with a custom retractable awning through Wyoming Roofing. Retractable awnings are custom built to fit your home’s unique specifications and style. Afterwards, each awning is inspected, installed and tested by a local Wyoming Roofing trained professional.

With Sunesta awnings from Wyoming Roofing, there is no need for heavy maintenance or concern. Each awning is made to last. One hundred percent solution-dyed synthetic fabric keeps awnings resistant to fading, mold, and mildew. Additionally, sturdy, powder-coated metal frames prevent scratching and rusting. All this provides you with a custom awning that is built to keep your family comfortable for many years to come.


Retractable Screens

Retractable sun screens can make any outdoor living space more enjoyable. Solar screens can be installed on any pre existing structure to provide you with instant protection from insects and harmful UV rays while relaxing outdoors.

Retractable sun screens through Wyoming Roofing can be customized to match your preferences for color, opacity and openness. Additionally, screens can be fitted with clear window inserts for added weather protection.


Sun Shelters

Wyoming Roofing provides top quality installation for Sunesta products, including their premium sun shelters. Sun shelters are designed to give your outdoor living space the best possible comfort, wherever your space may be. Sun shelters can be designed to fix onto an existing structure (such as a pergola), extend out over a patio, or stand freely on its own.

Each sun shelter is made to fit the precise dimensions of your space and are built to be incredibly durable. Every one of our 150 fabric styles is specially treated to withstand fading, mold, and mildew. The sun shelter’s metal frames are resistant to scratching and rusting, and are designed to withstand winds of over 45mph.


Window & Door Awnings

Window and door awnings are an ideal solution for store owners, commercial buildings and home owners alike. These fully customization awning solutions can help to cut down on energy costs in the warmer months by preventing direct sunlight from entering the home or building. Like all of our Sunesta products, window and door awnings can be made retractable to allow more light on cooler days.

Custom made door and window awnings can be manufactured in one of three designs; rectangular, elongated dome, or round and one of over 150 colors and patterns. All window and door awnings through Wyoming Roofing are professionally installed and backed by manufacture and workmanship warranties so that you can be secure in your knowledge that your new Sunesta awning is made to last.

  One of our team members will come out to your home or business to review products, take measurements and provide you with a free estimate.